About Us


The Freemasons of New Mexico will continue to build the Fraternity by applying Masonry’s rich heritage and teachings to current and future generations.


The Freemasons of New Mexico shall endeavor to conduct themselves according to the tenets, virtues and values of Freemasonry, and offer those teachings to men of good moral character through membership, to raise the moral, social, intellectual, and spiritual conscience of society.


Brotherly Love: to regard the whole human species as one family – as a Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God; to unite men of every country, sect, and opinion into true friendship.

Relief: to exercise compassion and to consider the needs of others as one’s own.

Truth: to be honest, truthful, reliable, and virtuous – living in an honorable and upright manner.

Cardinal Virtues

Temperance: to place restraint on our affections and passions.

Fortitude: to be noble and steady in purpose, even in the face of adversity.

Prudence: to reasonably regulate our lives and actions in all things.

Justice: to render to every man his just due without distinction.


Freedom: to champion liberty and the pursuit of happiness and prosperity.

Charity: to be giving and forgiving – to respect diversity of opinion; including religious, ethnic, cultural, social, and political differences.

Friendship: to be a friendly and respectful organization where members establish comeradery between men of proven good moral character, who have taken an obligation to protect each other and their families, to develop life-long bonds of fraternal friendships.