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  • Bent Lodge History from WB Charles Randall

    The Communication in July for Bent Lodge 42 was a very special one. WB Charles Randall spoke of his recollections of some Bent Lodge history, from the days that the Lodge was located on Cantu Hill and a three year temporary Lodge space in Ranchos de Taos. WB Randall and his Brothers worked over three years to plan and construct the current building, and was the first Master in the new Lodge building in 1963. Also in attendance was Bro. Dallas Jones, SS of East Fork Lodge 650 of Wylie, Texas. Pictured (left to right): Bro. Ian Haimowitz, WB Carl Wagner, WB Charles Randall, Bro. Angus MacDonald, WM Greg Smith, WB Scott Thayer, Bro. Dallas Jones, Bro. Jean Verheyden, Bro. Keith McIntosh, WB Mark Yule & Bro. Michael Martinez.
  • MWB Benjamin Franklin

  • The 2017 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico AF&AM

    March 17 2017
    In a venerable ritual, under the drawn swords of a York Rite Honor Guard, and with more than a hundred Freemasons in attendance, Most Worshipful Grand Master Ernie D. Shoup took upon himself the age-old obligation as the 140th Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico.

  • Grand Lodge of New Mexico AF&AM Progressive Line Officers 2017-2018

    From left to right:
    Grand Secretary, RWB Dan Sutcliffe
    Junior Grand Warden, RWB Gary J. Baker
    Grand Orator, WB Alexander M. Cosby
    Senior Grand Deacon, RWB Jonathan R. Andrews
    Grand Master, RWB Adam L. Hathaway
    Grand Musician, WB Bert P. Dalton
    Grand Master, MWB Ernie D. Shoup
    Grand Lecturer, RWB Dan Lucero
    Grand Historian, RWB David L. Millis
    Senior Grand Warden, RWB Ralph Easley
    Junior Grand Deacon, RWB William Pogue
    Grand Treasurer, RWB David L. Baker

  • MWB Ernie Shoup's Official Visit to Bent Lodge 42

    Most Worshipful Brother Ernie Shoup, Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico made an official visit to Bent Lodge 42 on Monday, April 18th, 2017, accompanied by RWB Ralph Easley, Senior Grand Warden, RWB Gary Baker, Junior Grand Warden and RWB Dan Lucero, Grand Lecturer. The Grand Lodge officers visited with Bent Lodge's Brethren before attending Lodge and presenting 25-Year Certificates to WB Scott Thayer, WB Merlin Randall, Bros. Robert Hall and Amos Rivera. Pictured (from left to right): Bro. Keith McIntosh, Bro. Michael Martinez, RWB Ralph Easley, WB Bruce Burling, WM Angus MacDonald, RWB Dave Cordova, MWB Ernie Shoup, WB Scott Thayer, RWB Gary Baker, Bro. Jean Verheyden, RWB Dan Lucero and WB Carl Wagner. Not pictures (because he took the pictures) WB Mark Yule.

2018 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico

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