Senior Grand Deacon

RWB Steve Almager

Contact Info:

(575) 263-4362

Steve was born in Hobbs, NM and spent the majority of his life in Eunice, NM.  He graduated from Eunice High in 1989.  He left Eunice and joined the United States Navy in August of 1989.  He stayed in the Navy for about 6 years. 

Steve is a Desert Storm Veteran and thoroughly enjoyed his time in the USN.  He was honorably discharged in May of 1995.  Steve returned back to Eunice and began his journey into the oilfields of SENM and West Texas.  During this time, he studied Bioremediation and Geology at the New Mexico Junior College.  

Steve met the love of his life, Mikea, while in elementary school in Eunice NM and they were married in 1993.  Mikea was born and raised in Eunice, NM.  They have two children. Taylor and Tyler, both of Eunice, NM. 

Steve began working in the oilfield in 1995.  He bounced around learning different trades before starting his own business.  He started T&T pumping and consulting in 1997.  He worked here for almost 7 years, before landing a company job with Range Resources.  He started with Range Resources in 2004 as a production foreman.  He worked a year as a production foreman in the Eunice area and was given his own field in Loving, NM in 2006.  He worked in the Loving area for a little over a year before being advanced to Superintendent of all New Mexico properties in 2008.  He stayed at the Superintendent positon until 2012, when Range Resources sold all the properties in New Mexico.  He was asked by Range Resources to move to Pennsylvania and work in the Completions department.   Having no kids left in the house, Steve and Mikea moved to Williamsport, Pennsylvania.  After 2.5 years in Pennsylvania, Steve left Range Resources after 10 years.  He returned back to Eunice and began working at Sheridan Production in Andrews, Texas as a Operations Specialist Supervisor.  He worked for Sheridan Production for over 3 years.  Steve recently left Sheridan Production and will be returning to Range Resources as the Senior Completions Foreman.  Steve has on the Eunice School board for 4 years, 2 of them as School Board President.  And he recently resigned off the Eunice City Council, where he completed 2 years. 

Steve’s interest in Freemasonry peaked when he became married to his wife Mikea.  Mikea’s grandad and uncle were very involved in Masonry in Eunice.  He always wanted to know, what was going on in the white building on the corner.  After several attempts to find out how to become a Mason, he finally came right out and asked.  He was initiated in Eunice Lodge #67 on July 7th 2007.  Steve’s job interfered with his advancement as he was working out of town.  Steve went to an All the Way in One Day event in Roswell, NM.  He was raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason in December of 2007.  Seeing the importance of the degrees, Steve went back through the degrees and proficiencies in his home lodge Eunice.  Having his home lodge put the degrees on him was special and that’s a highlight of his Masonic career.  Steve has been Worshipful Master of Eunice Lodge #67 three times.  Steve is also a member of the Las Cruces Scottish Rite Temple, York Rite, Council, Commandery and a Shriner.