Junior Grand Warden

RWB William (Bill) Pogue, Junior Grand Warden 2019

Contact info:
(505) 330-6491

Bill Pogue was reared to be a Freemason.  He grew up in Moriarty, NM.  His father and grandfather were Past Masters of their lodges.  Bill was a DeMolay.  But, Bill’s father never mentioned anything about Bill becoming a Mason.  It may have been that those were the days of “to be one, ask one.”  However, it is more likely that Bill had not yet learned to “square his actions or circumscribe his desires.”

Bill resigned from DeMolay when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy.  He served 4 years, 16 months of which were spent working on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier operating off the coasts of Vietnam and Korea.  He returned to home and college.  That was where he met and married the mother of his two sons.  After earning a master’s degree, Bill became a counselor and, later, a mental health program consultant for state and federal agencies.

However, Bill wasn’t suited for the politics of consulting.  He had grown up around men who spoke directly and honestly.  He also had grown up working with his hands.  So, Bill moved to Farmington to work in the oil field.  After the oil boom died, he administered an emergency shelter for children.  He left that agency 27 years ago to begin his private practice that eventually became Choices Counseling Service.

Soon after he began his private practice, Bill decided to court a lady he had admired for almost 20 years.  They were married in 1995.  Bill had been blessed by wonderful parents.  He had been blessed with two amazing sons.  Now, his blessings included a wonderful woman with whom he has shared the past 23 years.  But his blessings were to continue.

While reading a novel, “Born in Blood” about Freemasonry and the Knights Templar, Bill realized that the ethics and values that had guided his life since youth were Masonic values.  While he knew these values had served to set him apart from others in his past, he now found they brought him closer to brotherhood.  Bill knew a whitewater rafting buddy was a Mason.  He asked him for a petition.

It was as if Bill knew his way long before he was initiated a Freemason.  In 2007, Bill was initiated, passed and raised in San Juan Lodge #25.  In 2011, he served as Master of that Lodge.  In 2012, MW Josh Lightle asked Bill to serve as DDGM for District 1.  He served in that capacity for the next three years.  In 2017, MW Ernie Shoup appointed Bill to be Junior Grand Deacon for the Grand Lodge of Masons in New Mexico.  MW Adam Hathaway appointed Bill to be Senior Grand Deacon in March of 2018.