Grand Master

MWB Gary J. Baker,
Grand Master

Contact info:
(505) 328-4021

I have had more fun and learning opportunities since 2012 than maybe in my life.  As most of you will remember 2011/2012 the Grand Lodge was facing some REAL issues. PGM Josh Lightle knew little of me but called and asked for my help on Accounts Ways and Means, in fact he asked me to Chair AW&M.  I wanted to make a difference so with a lot of help, sleepless nights and hours of hard work, we as a committee, were able to get things back on track.  I have served on several other committees and learned much from every one of them.  PGM Jeff Jordon appointed me JGD, he and RW Dan Lucero took me with them as they traveled around the state, introducing me in many Lodges. For this experience I hope to someday be able to pay it forward.

I joined Masonry in 1972 and was Raised in 1973, in Silver City Masonic Lodge #8. My Mr. Mason had to be, without a doubt, my father-in-law, Marvin Holt.  He taught me many many things as we traveled through our life.  In the beginning, I wondered if it was because I married his daughter, but as we walked our journey together I realized that was who he was.  Thankfully he was alive and able to sit in the East with me when I was Master of Sandia Mountain Masonic Lodge #72 in 1987.  He wanted me to be in the Scottish Rite, so in 1978 he saw to it that I became a Scottish Rite Mason. It would have been so wonderful if he could have shared my KCCH ceremony in 2017.

I served in the US Army 1967 to 1970. I was stationed for a short time in Germany, but served most of my time in Ft. Riley, KS, as a supply sergeant.