Past Grand Masters

Past Grand Masters

After serving for many years going through the progressive grand line, and many more in most cases, you are still both a voting member of the Grand Lodge of New Mexico and a valuable asset to the fraternity.  Our Past Grand Masters (PGMs) can be found working in their Lodges, Districts, the Grand Lodge, and other Masonic organizations long after their year as Grand Master.

We rely on them specifically to work with the sitting Grand Master and Grand Lodge Officers in continued support of the current activities and for reference from their experiences.  After that length of service, they have a great deal of experience that helps us avoid pitfalls and succeed at our endeavors.

In the Jurisdiction of New Mexico, a Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico keeps the title "Most Worshipful Brother", and when addressed formally is:

Most Worshipful Brother __________ (first name) ___________(last name), Grand Master of Masons _______ (year).  When introduced as a group they should be introduced in order by year (ascending).

Complete list of our Past Grand Masters